Edge PIR Pet Immune

New Edge PIR Pet Immune

The EDGE PIR Pet Immune Motion Detector is specifically designed to provide optimal performance while preventing false alarms in environments containing pets.

Key Features:

  • Pet immunity up to 18kg (40lbs)
  • Passive infrared, dual element
  • Wide angle Fresnel Technologies lens
  • Adjustable reaction time
  • Flat wall or corner mounting options
  • LED indicator
  • Shrouded tamper protection
  • Detection speed of up to 2.5m/s (8.2ft/s)
  • Coverage of 11m x 11m (40ft x 40ft)88.2° wide
  • 12VDC power supply input

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  • Brand: ICT
  • Product Code: PIR-EAS-PET
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  • $43
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